How to sell your car Quickly, Easily and most of all SAFELY and SECURELY

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webuycarsMany of us have heard stories about friends or family here in Spain who have sold a car, but months later, perhaps even years later, the car has not been transferred into the new owner's details. And as a result future car taxes, speeding fines, or parking fines, have been sent to the seller's home address, or even worse debited directly from their bank account.

This happens because many “car dealers” promise to take the car out of the seller's name, but in reality they only do so when they have a purchaser for the car. Even worse, sometimes they leave it up to the purchaser to do the transfer, and it never happens.
Here at we are different. We IMMEDIATELY transfer the title of the car to ourselves using a qualified Gestor. This COMPLETELY ENSURES that you are not liable for future taxes or fines.


We are a family business operating on the Costa Blanca since 2003 and take great care in looking after the people that we buy from, as well as the people we sell to. We are known for our 5-Star service and reliability.

Valuing and Selling your car to us is a SIMPLE 6 Step process

Step 1: Enter your Spanish registration number on our website and simply click "Value My Car".
Step 2: Fill out our simple online valuation form.
We will ask you for information about your car and your contact details. You will also have the option to include up to 6 photos of your car.

Step 3: Receive a current market valuation.
We will email you with our valuation, based on the information received and current fair market values.

Step 4: Viewing, collection and immediate payment.
We will arrange to view your car at a time and location that is convenient to you and payment will be immediate and at the time of collection.

Step 5: Sell your car the safe and secure way.
We are a Spanish Registered S.L company and have been buying and selling cars on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years.

Step 6: On collection of the car our Gestor will start the process of change of ownership, passing responsibility immediately to us. Even better, the Gestor fee for changing title of the car is met by us.
You are no longer responsible for your car.

So if you are looking to sell your car, at a good price, and safely and securely go to our website

You will find more information on there about selling a car that belonged to a deceased relative or friend (Yes, you can), about selling a company car (Yes, you can), about selling a car registered outside of Spain (Yes, you can), and about selling a car with mechanical issues (Yes, you can).


Making Selling Your Car in Spain