Don’t be dazzled this summer…. We have the answer….

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specsavers focuson june 22 2specsavers focuson june 22Polarising sunglasses contain lenses designed to reduce light glare from surfaces such as water, sand, or flat surfaces like a road. When sunlight is reflected from these surfaces into your eyes, it can distort the true colour and shape of objects, making them harder to distinguish. This light glare can dazzle the eyes, which can cause discomfort, pain, or sometimes short-term visual impairment.

Prior to moving to Spain, many expats may not have noticed a particular sensitivity to sunlight. However, if you ever experience symptoms of light sensitivity (known as photophobia) during sunny days at the beach, or on the golf course, or whilst driving, a pair of polarising sunglasses could well help you distinguish objects much better and, considering the big improvements that you could enjoy by using them, polarising sunglasses are not expensive.

How do polarising sunglasses work?
Polarising lenses contain a special chemical layer which acts as a filter for light. The molecules of this layer are arranged to partially block some of the light from passing through the lens. Much like a shutter blind, they only let light through the gaps in-between the molecules. This means that only light rays that approach your eyes vertically can fit through those openings, and horizontal light waves reflected from the sea, road, or smooth sand will be blocked. As a result, the image you see with polarising lenses is a bit darker than usual, but objects look clearer and the details can be much easier to see.

Come and see polarisation for yourself, with no obligation.

At Specsavers Opticas, we provide expert eye care advice, helping you keep your eyes healthy. As well as protecting your eyes from the sun by reducing the impact of glare on the eyes, polarised sunglasses may benefit people with cataracts, photophobia, or other specific eye conditions. In particular, polarised sunglasses are likely to help people who like to drive, fish, sail, read, play golf or relax by the pool, making it easier for you to get on with the activities you enjoy. Just visit your nearest store to talk with one of our English-speaking opticians, or book in for an eye test. At the moment we have our 2 For 1 offer, so you could have 1 pair of clear lenses and 1 pair of sunglasses, with the sunglasses having polarised lenses at little extra cost.

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