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We all want to make the most of the summer but apart from thinking about the beach, on vacations, or about that dreamed trip, it’s important that we all take the necessary steps to ensure our homes stay safe and secure. Unfortunately, the probability of being burgled or robbed at home tends to be higher during the summer!
As we are likely to spend more time away from home, even for days if we plan to go on holiday, we want to give you some tips on how to minimise the chances of your home being burgled and, in the unfortunate event that it does happen, to make sure you're covered!
• Talk to your insurance agent to make sure that your contents cover are properly calculated, including furniture, white good and electronic appliances, clothes, jewelry, personal belongings, etc.
• Make sure that your doors and windows are in good condition and check all locks are working and get a home security system to help reduce the chance of being a burglary victim.
• Make your home look lived in, for example, you could invest in some timer switches for your lights to give the impression that someone is home.
• Ask your neighbours or a friend to keep watch of your home and collect the post from your postbox
• Create a list of emergency contacts if anything was to go wrong in your home.
• Don’t share holiday plans or pictures on social media or adjust your privacy settings to make sure you are not sharing personal information with the wrong people
liberty seguros femalefocusonline july22 3• Beware of squatters! Make sure your home insurance covers the Legal Defense in case of illegal occupation of the property
But in summer, it's not just a possible burglary of your home that you need to watch out for. There are small inconveniences that come with the heat, such as annoying pests and insects!! Fortunately, there are home insurance policies that include pest control, fumigation, and disinfection services.
In summer we also like to enjoy our home outdoors, and it is interesting to have a cover for our garden furniture, even for the garden itself, in case of a summer storm!
You may also have a second home for holiday rentals. In that case, make sure that you have a specific cover for holiday rentals, including public liability for your guests.
LIBERTY SEGUROS has adapted its Home Insurance plans to provide solutions that best suit your individual requirements giving you the option of being covered for all these eventualities. Understanding that every customer’s needs are unique, it has created additional coverages to allow you to enhance and complement your home insurance cover. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can now add Optional Packs to your home insurance to ensure your plan is perfectly tailored to you.
What’s more, if you are a new LIBERTY SEGUROS client and take out a Home, Car, or Life policy now and until the 26th of July, you will receive 30€ Cashback on your first policy and 60€ from the second policy onwards, or 60€ Cashback on each new policy if you are already a customer.
For more information, simply call or visit one of the more than 300 LIBERTY SEGUROS qualified brokers and agents. They are available to provide friendly and expert advice, in plain English, about the best coverages and options to suit your specific needs.
liberty seguros femalefocusonline july22 1LIBERTY SEGUROS team can help you to find the cover that will be perfect for you. Visit to find the name and details of your nearest agent!