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jennifer cunningham logoThe on-going issue of the lack of reading and understanding of policy documents is still necessary for all your insurances. Very few seem to be aware of the importance of first checking your policy documents are totally correct with all the right information, especially with car policies that the number plate is correct. Also these documents must be kept in the car, but is far better to ensure you have copies, should the vehicle be stolen.

For your home policies, ensuring that the address is correct and the same as the catastral, will make life a lot easier, should you need to claim.
Without understanding your insurance documents, you will not be fully aware of your exact coverage, should anything happen. Many people under-insure, which is a very unwise decision. More so now, with climate change and the ever changing, unpredictable weather.
With the increases to both inflation and the cost of living, unfortunately burglaries are on the increase, especially with unoccupied properties. Ensure you understand what you need to do to not only protect your property, but also ensure you are covered with your insurance.
It is well worth ensuring you know what to do when anything happens - know what telephone numbers to call, and what you will be required to provide.
Obviously health insurance is a little more complicated. Ensure you know what information you need, have the contact details with you at all times and it helps to store the telephone numbers in your telephone, along with your policy number. If you are unsure how to use your medical insurance, ask your agent or broker.
If you have an accident on the streets, people will automatically telephone for a state ambulance and you will then be taken to a seguridad social hospital, where you have the choice of either being transferred to a private hospital, or stay and pay the invoice if you do not have a SIP card.
It is always better to be prepared, I know that insurance documents are not easy reading but it always pays to know and understand your policy. It will make your life easier, less stressful and in some cases, will prevent large unexpected bills.
To help you with your claim, I have a special Claim Administrator to guide you through the process with Liberty Seguros, an ASSSA administrator to assist you with your health policy and a renewals department to help you with your renewals, and checking that your policy coverage is correct and up to date. Outside of my office hours, all the insurance have emergency contact information, which comes with your policy.
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