Why is Artificial Grass such a good environmental choice?

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artificial grass spain femalefocusonline july22 3I have recently seen in the small gaps during Sky News presentation, sections about how and why so many people in California are having artificial grass fitted because of the drought there.

So, I wanted to tie that into to some of the negative comments that our product receives, this touches on some things I have said before but it's always good to reiterate.
The reason so many Californians are starting to put down artificial grass is clearly because of the drought they have been having for a long time now, but what a lot of people don’t often realise is that despite the rain we had in April we are always teetering on the edge of droughts here. Constantly the water boards and local governments are worried about the amount of fresh water we have. So, it often staggers me when people try to do artificial grass down. I often feel it’s a lack of information, so I am going to try and bust some myths.
It's plastic so it must be bad for the environment?
Ok it’s plastic and naturally that means it has been formed from oil, something we know is not a great thing. But for now, the most of us still drive vehicles that require oil based petro chemicals. But once it has been made into the grass, as far as I am concerned that’s where the trail of destruction ends.
Our grass is manufactured locally, not in China, so as you can imagine its carbon footprint post production is minimal, it gets delivered to site and we install it. Many people instantly assume that natural grass is better for the environment and having a science degree I would firmly disagree. Natural grass will need mowing and maintaining for the rest of its life, the gardener has to get there, so unless you have a gardener that has an electric van, and electric lawn mower (and remember the power for this equipment still has to be made more often than not from coal) then your natural lawn suddenly has a carbon footprint. Your lawn may require regular chemical usage to keep it looking good, green, alive, weed and pest free. This is not good for the environment. And then most of all, the vast majority of water we have in this area is desalinated and again if you think this process is carbon neutral and good for the environment, you really need to think again. So, other than its oil extraction and being turned into plastic and its local delivery, as regards to our grass, its environmental damage is done, whereas your natural grass keeps using far more resources and polluting elements than it will ever return to this planet. Our grass is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and 100% nontoxic so it won’t leech anything into the ground either. It’s so safe it has a European child safety certificate meaning your child can suck on it and it’s safe. I obviously can’t say it’s the case for all grass, but certainly our grass product that is made in Spain, down the road, is. I have heard so many negative comments about artificial grass and they are normally dismissible when you actually know the right information and the science behind it. If anyone has any doubts about our grass products, then please feel free to contact me and I will be able to give you the correct information. So, it’s nowhere near as bad for the environment as you may be told, it looks great all year round, it’s cost affective.
What’s stopping you?

Article supplied by Lee Charlesworth from Artificial Grass Spain. Telephone: 696 283 704, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Web: www.artificial-grass-spain-com