Filtration – Circulation – Residual Chemicals

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A swimming pool will always revert to being a green swamp, both unhealthy and unappealing in the centre of your prime real estate.
The clear objective is to deliver a simple to use system that combines economy with performance to deliver a healthy attractive and appealing centre to your prime real estate.

The strategy.


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The component parts.
Variable speed circulation pump. The variable speed pump (V-S-P) allows the water circulation to meet the minimum 3 times volume demand at a controlled power consumption over a given time. Being able to control the flow rate allows us to take advantage of affinity law and gain low electrical consumption. Likewise, being able to tune the pump to deliver the required turnover by running all day means the residual chemicals are able to reach all areas of the pool preventing stagnation. V-S-P’s programmed to run for the majority of the day at a reduced speed means less noise and less stress on the component parts of the plant room.
Filter Media. Heavy filtration media naturally offers greater resistance to flow, this means added work for the pump to circulate a given value of water.
A frequent problem with traditional sand / glass media is that it grinds organic material down to the filtration specification of the media then spits out the ground down particles back into the pool, this is called biofilm. The biofilm then adds to the work required of the disinfectant chemical.
PureFlow media is 100 times lighter than glass media, it traps contaminants and does not grind them into biofilm. It requires much less back washing therefore saves water loss and cost.

Chemical dispensing – Intellichems.
Two dispensers are installed. One delivers liquid chlorine (Disinfectant) the other sulphuric acid (pH regulation). These programmable machines allow us to calculate demand and then inject the correct value of chemical into the pool throughout the planned 18 hours of circulation made possible by the V-S-P.
Chlorine disinfectant demand is controlled by using liquid chlorine which does not contain additives therefore prevents over stabilisation and results in a very soft feeling pleasant water quality. No bleaching, red eyes, blond hair gone green, tile grout stained blue/green etc etc etc.
The pH dispenser allows the water to remain balanced. The natural effect of chlorine oxidation results in off gassing of CO2 resulting in pH drifting upwards, which if left unchecked will unbalance the saturation index values.
Intellichems does the work, so you do not have too.

Conclusion. Planned, considered strategy.
• 18 hour-controlled flow circulation
• Biologically designed filtration
• Chemical dispensing all day at least every 2 hours.

Result =
• Much better quality – hygienic safe – comfortable swimming experience – aesthetically appealing.
• Easy to use – low operating cost – reliable no hassle.

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