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jennifer cunningham logoI appreciate everything has changed due to Brexit, but it is now far more important to have health insurance. This is not as easy as it sounds as the choices are limited. Be very careful with your choice, for example a bank is not a good decision. You need to make sure there is an English speaker who can help you understand exactly what you are purchasing and how to use it.

It is vital you follow the guidelines for using the policy, especially in regards to emergencies and hospitalisation, you could find yourself with a hefty bill to pay if you do not follow the correct procedures. If you decide to use the Spanish National Health, you will be required to provide a SIP card, EHIC or payment before treatment.
The Spanish health system is very stretched and of course this means long waiting lists. ASSSA provides hospitals, clinics, specialists and doctors, many of whom speak several languages to make your health decisions easier and faster.
Obviously if you are in acute pain, you do need to discover what is causing it and within the national health this can take many months to resolve and private health care offers the opportunity to speed up the process. ASSSA also provide emergency cover and their own ambulances, where you will be taken to a hospital related to ASSSA, which you find in your ASSSA book.
My company has an ASSSA administrator to help answer your questions, process your authorisation requests and liaise with ASSSA on your behalf if you should so wish.
Yes, there are many cheaper options that you could consider. Do not be tempted by the price, you will not get what you need or expect. All private health insurance in Spain are limited in certain areas and be sure to understand these limitations before purchasing.
Of course, ASSSA health policies are accepted for your residencia and visa applications and they provide the legal certification required.
Unlike health insurance in the UK you will be presently surprised at the prices here in Spain. The difference is the Spanish government encourages the use of private health care, therefore the prices and the taxes are far lower than you may think.

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