Book Review - Drake-Jones' Madrid.

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book review madrid femalefocusonline march23The history, places to visit, tapas and museums

Stephen Drake-Jones was born in Leeds, Yorkshire and moved to Spain during Franco's last year as dictator in 1975. He has since lived and worked in Madrid as a historian, he is also the Chairman of the Wellington Society Madrid. His daughter Clare was born in Madrid and often works there but is based on the Costa Blanca, Altea. 
Together they have spent the last three years writing a book called Drake Jones' Madrid. Which combines Madrid's rich history, architecture, Art, scandalous affairs, murder most foul and military conflicts. The lives and deaths of some of Spain's most famous characters are included, amongst them the world renowned author Cervantes and the curious story of his protagonist, Don Quixote. 
They have also included fascinating historical sites, museums, squares, churches, the Royal Palace and an entertaining who's who of many statues. 
Also covered are some of their favourite restaurants, tapas and places to sample regional Spanish wines. Most of these places mentioned have a curious history of their own, including one named after Madrid's most notorious highwayman, Louis Candelas; another where one of Napoleon's soldiers was murdered and his body hidden in a wine vat. Both the cellar and wine vat still exist to this day and can be visited.
They have also added some of the oldest shops dating from a baker's of 1830, a hatter's since 1832, a traditional fan shop from the 1850s and another specialising in cloaks, which opened in 1901, and has served the likes of Picasso, Hollywood stars and Royalty. 
The book was designed so that the reader can dip into the parts they are most interested in visiting or to discover them from the comfort of their own home. 
To buy a signed copy please visit their website or if you are in the Altea/ Benidorm area you can call Clare on (+34)685 524 049.