Tired Old Terraces

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charleworth femalefocusonline may23 3If your terrace has patchy, broken and /or different colour tiles then we have the answer for you.
We have done several projects now where clients have asked us to put down our artificial grass around their pool terraces and with great results, even if I do say so myself.

For these clients it was a great option as their current terrace was looking old, with different coloured and styles of tiles and some broken and loose tiles and grass was a great feasible option to solve their terrace woes. One of the things that really amazed me was how much it seemed to bring the whole garden to life. charleworth femalefocusonline may23 1Artificial grass may be artificial, but it's designed and made to look as natural and as lovely as a perfectly manicured lawn, and those look great in any garden. But laying it into a garden space like a terrace, especially where the tiles were broken and looked odd to each other, seamlessly stitched the whole view of the garden together creating a safe none slip, lush looking garden all in one throw of the dice.
We have had other clients add our artificial grass onto perfectly fine terraces as well, just because again, that splash of green can sometimes be so much more friendly looking than acres of tiles, especially if you’re not a fan of the colour of your tiles. Another positive to our grass installs is because of the glue we use, if you sell the house and the new owner wants to remove the grass, then it can be done and the glue can be cleaned so it doesn’t damage your existing surface either, giving great future flexibility.
So turn your horrible old terrace or dingy back corners of garden into lush green spaces with no hassle or watering - perfect year round comfort and green in your garden with Artificial Grass Spain.

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