Ciudad Patricia Celebrates 40 Years

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ciudad patricia femalefocusonline nov23 1On 10th October, Residents, Staff, Guests and Dignitaries gathered at Ciudad Patricia to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

ciudad patricia femalefocusonline nov23 2The day-long celebrations began at 10 with a Batuca – a drum band – leading residents from the main entrance to the Central Building. The mayor of Benidorm gave a speech where he highlighted the importance of Adriano Care's – the owners of Ciudad Patirica - commitment to the resort: "This project is much more than a business project. If we talk about the history of Ciudad Patricia in these 40 years, we talk about 40 years of attention and happiness. Especially for all those who today share life in Benidorm, but who come from other places. I want to congratulate all those who have made it possible for Ciudad Patricia and this project to celebrate its birthday, and tell them that in Benidorm we are delighted with this vital model of senior living, thank them for having opted for this city and tell them from the heart that we consider them full Benidormenses. Benidorm is proud of everything they are doing and we hope to continue working together on this project so that the integration and connection of Benidorm and Ciudad Patricia is full."
Javier Picón, partner of Azora (of which Adriano Care is part) commented: "Ciudad Patricia is much more than a set of buildings; It is a multicultural community with more than eight nationalities represented. And that diversity is what makes it unique. A year ago, Adriano Care acquired the Ciudad Patricia family, contributing its commitment to the development of housing solutions for our seniors, improving the well-being and comfort of residents." In addition, he also wanted to highlight that "we are working with the aim of strengthening the ties of Ciudad Patricia with Benidorm and the rest of the nearby towns, making the complex a meeting place for residents, friends and institutions."
The day continued with performances from the choir and various live acts, along with a community paella and mini-fair.
Ciudad Patricia continues to be the leading independent senior resort of the region and is looking forward to offering a unique solution for seniors who value safety, community and independence in their golden years.
Visit Ciudad Patricia on their open day on Thursday 16th November to find out more about their new way of retirement living. See their main advert in the magazine for more details.