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charlesworth femalefocusonline nov23 3Here at Artificial Grass Spain, we are your Nº1 choice for Artificial Grass in Spain. Not only because of our expertise, our commitment to getting it right, our high-quality products, but because we are thinking about tomorrow.

charlesworth femalefocusonline nov23 1We have just come out of a great meeting with one of our grass suppliers and we have really been looking at tomorrow’s technologies regarding artificial grass. We have a selection of these products already available, but it means the technology is now in place to take things to the next step in terms of even better grasses for the future. They have extra drainage, better breathability making the grass even cooler to walk on and are cleaner and more pet friendly. We can also offer blended grass allowing the use of artificial grass to aid the growth of natural grass in areas where natural grass alone struggles such as golf course pathways and parks around children’s play areas. So with a combination of technology and care for the environment we can start to cover more bases and offer more product to clients.
I think the big thing for me is knowing that we are at the forefront of an industry that understands the value and truth behind its products, but still wants to improve them and make them even better and even more environmentally compliant. We all know the way forward for the world is to use science and technology along with nature to make the best of what we can, given certain scenarios.
The simple facts are that growing a successful lawn here in Spain is, costly, is a lot of hard work, is expensive and is unfortunately not as environmentally friendly as many people may believe it is. And therefore, to offer people the best available solutions to keep green in their lives, to have even less of an environmental impact through our modern tech grasses for me is just brilliant. It’s a great sign of great things to come and should be something that really helps people who currently don’t understand the benefits of artificial grass, even less to worry about as we move forward into a green lush future that’s better for everything.

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