MABS has changed status

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MABS 2018 LogoMABS has changed status and is now a FUNDACION, our CIF number has also changed to G54982681.

It has taken over three and half years to obtain the certificate from Madrid, who now control the Fundacion. We are now national and cover the whole of Spain including the Balearic Islands.
The trustees of the Fundacion are: Jacqui Phillips MBE. - President, 686 305 006. Thelma Dunn - Secretary and Beverley Thompson - Treasurer.
MABS Cancer Support Fundación’s commitment in Spain can be summed up in this short sentence: “To care, comfort and counsel people affected by cancer.”
Cancer, in all its forms, is estimated to affect one of us every minute, every day. Cancer cares not for who you are, what you do, what you think or where you are from. Cancer cares not that it affects a close family member or relative, or a friend, or of course ourselves.
As a Cancer Support Fundación, MABS is available to anyone of any nationality who needs help as a result of:
- being diagnosed with cancer.
- affected by a spouse or partner having cancer.

We are here to help and we are ever only a phone call away. Please visit for information on your closest contact.