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clinica portalet femalefocusonline jan18 1Bunions or HAV?

The Bunion or Hallux Valgus is a deformity of the foot caused by a deviation of the first toe towards the middle axis of the foot and a deviation of the first metatarsal towards the outer edge of the foot accompanied by irregular bone growth in the first metatarsal head and articular incongruity of the metatarsophalangeal joint.
This causes pain due to inflammation of the soft tissues of the area from constant friction against footwear and from the structural and mechanical alteration due to the bone deviation.

When is it recommended to operate on bunions?

It is recommended to operate on bunions when they are painful, when osteoarthritis appears or the structural deformity affects walking correctly which in turn affects other levels of the locomotor system. It is also advisable to perform surgery in cases in which as a result of the bunion, the toes are deforming like when the second toe appears hammer-like.
When a patient wishes to undergo an operation a professional should study each case individually, taking into account the age, health status, lifestyle ... etc. At Portalet Clinic, we will explain in detail and alleviate any worries without compromise.

clinica portalet femalefocusonline jan18 2What type of technique is carried out at Clinica Podológica Portalet?

We perform minimum incision surgery.
As its name suggests, it is done using minimal skin incisions, usually 2 to 4mm. Through these millimetric incisions we can reach the soft tissues and bone, without causing injury to the adjacent tissues.

Advantages of Minimal Incision Surgery:

- Immediate recovery as the procedure is minimal.
- The patient walks away with a post-surgical shoe without crutches or help.
- After just 48 hours the patient can continue life as normal.
- Almost painless.
- No fixing bolts or needles used. One of the drawbacks of open surgery is the use of fixing materials, with Minimal Incision Surgery fixations are not necessary as the soft tissues themselves, which we have respected, the joint capsule and a light dressing are responsible for this.
- Local anesthetic, only affecting the foot, so the dose used is less.
- No hemostasia (restriction of blood flow). As the size of the incision is so small, there is little bleeding so there is no need for a tourniquet, thus avoiding all risks of cutting blood flow.
- Less risk of infection. The small size of the incisions also decreases the risk of infection.
- Barely visible scaring.


Experts in foot surgery - Bunions - Hammertoes - Calcaneal Spur - Helomas (Corn) Etc.

Other treatments available at our centre:- Removal of corns and calluses - Ingrown toenails - Removal of warts and fungi
- Computerised study of the foot and footsteps - Made to measure orthopedic soles - Treatment for Diabetic Foot.

C / Portalet 9, 1st floor G, entrance through the Serrella building in front of Mercadona, Calpe (centre).
Telephone: 96 583 5245, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit: www.calpepodologos.es.