Explaining CBD and its many medical benefits

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cbd femalefocusonline jan18By Miriam Albertini

In future editions I am going to explore many medical conditions that I help people control. Even when prescribed medication from their doctor, it is amazing how many people are suffering on a daily basis.

My name is Miriam Albertini, a Dutch national and registered nurse. During my career in Holland I specialised in treating geriatric patients, and the conditions that so often go with age. e.g. arthritis, dementia, chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and more!

When I came to live in Spain and suffering from chronic knee pain myself, I looked for a viable, natural alternative to prescription medication, which so often has unwanted and unexpected side effects. I researched CBD and have been using it successfully ever since. It peaked my interest to help people here and have a career as well.

CBD is short for Cannabidoil and is the non-psycho active compound of cannabis. CBD has great medical benefits and is one of the better-known compounds of the plant, the other being THC which is often used recreationally to get a “high”!

Specifically, CBD reduces inflammation and helps the immune system kick start and repair itself, particularly useful after having chemo or radiotherapy, when the rest of the body and immune system can be affected as much as the cancer site. Very often people become ill after chemo, because they can’t eat, or get an infection as a result of a compromised immune system.
How CBD works in your body we will cover next time. Suffice to say Cannabis has had a bad name since the 1930s when large, profit hungry drug companies began a slur campaign to prevent its use. In fact, before then, 60% of all medicine contained some Cannabis. Queen Victoria used it for menstrual pain!

Now there is a world-wide movement to bring it into mainstream medicine. In Israel, CBD is routinely used in medicine, with stunning success. It is now legal in most of Europe, across many states in the US and became legal in the UK in 2017 on prescription by GPs for certain conditions.


I don’t have room this time to write more, except to say come and see me for a free, private, no obligation, consultation at my dispensary in Denia, telephone 692 320 121. If you or someone you love has chronic pain, suffers from any kind of inflammation or auto immune condition, what have you got to lose?

Next time we focus on arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes, and I will explain more.