Success with permanent Weight Loss

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slim4life shakes femalefocusonline qffeb18Success with permanent Weight Loss – now in Torrevieja - with – Exante Diet has been awarded an authorised Exante distributoriship in Spain and is proud to announce that Exante Meal Replacement products, the UK’s leading WEIGHT REDUCTION/Slimming products, are now available here. Exante products were voted Nº1 on ITV in the UK recently.

 This also includes Personal Weight Loss Coaching – which is the secret to successful weight loss.

Owing to the success of the first year since opening in San Luis, it is with great pleasure that – Exante Diet have three new branches – one in Quesdada, one in Torrevieja South and a new branch in Los Montesinos – to enable us to accept more appointments.

It’s so easy!

1. Decide which Exante diet plan is right for you.
2. Choose from our huge range of shakes, bars, meals, desserts & snacks.
3. Book your free consultation OR join the Winter 28 Day Challenge.

How It Works

What is Exante?
Exante diet plans are simple, flexible and work for you. We have a range of diet plans for you, suited for whether you are looking to drop a dress size, tone up or change your eating habits for good!

Want to lose weight?
Substitute up to 3 meals a day with our nutritious meal replacement products that give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet.

Want to tone up?
Each Exante product is high in protein, low carb and packed full of fibre, perfect for gym bunnies looking for a convenient post-workout snack.

Why Exante?

It works, it's convenient and it transforms lives!
Our philosophy is healthy living made simple through easy-to-follow recipes, flexible meal plans and exercises developed by our experts.
Learn how to cook quick and delicious meals and follow your personal weight loss coach as she guides you though your weight loss journey.... Support To Stay On Track.
Does your busy lifestyle leave you short on time? Simply throw an Exante bar, shake or snack into your bag for a delicious and nutritious meal on-the-go.

Start Your Transformation

Try our 28 day WINTER CHALLENGE to help guide you through the first 4 weeks of changing the way you eat with Exante- Feel healthy and watch the pounds fall off.


Clients are finding that the benefit of the PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS COACHING is THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS.
It is an unfortunate statistic that most people who lose weight – just put it back on again. With Slim4Life and the weekly weight loss coaching – we are proving that it is not only in the food supplements you take, but in changing your way of thinking.
Our program was devised by a Nutritionist in 2008 and has been the proven way to lose weight, remain at the peak of health,– but more importantly on this special program clients will be able to maintain the weight loss.
The transformations here in Torrevieja have been awesome. Clients have now found the secret to losing and maintaining their weight.

Phone or email Shirley for your free consultation – on 675 619 568 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..