Glenn Irwin is getting CLUB F!T

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clubfit femalefocusonline feb18 1British Superbike star Glenn Irwin has gone a step further in his normal race preparation this year by starting his pre-season training with a two month move to sunny Spain and by teaming up with our very own CLUB F!T in Jávea. Glenn is working with Peter Fitz (club co-founder) to be in tip top shape for the 2018 season which kicks off on 31 March at Donington Park.

The Carrickfergus star typically exercises three times a day, mixing his activities between running, cycling, motorcross and attending CLUB F!T where he is putting in some serious training sessions in order to be 100% race fit for the long and strenuous motorcycle season.

clubfit femalefocusonline feb18 2Female Focus caught up with Glenn during one of his training sessions. “In my sport it isn’t about the ‘big guns’, they are not what’s needed” says Glenn. “By far the most important things for me to work on are my core strength, my stamina and my reaction times”.

Peter explains…“ CLUB F!T really is for every “body” – not just those who wish to lose weight and tone up, but also elite athletes who regularly push themselves and need that extra edge over the competition. The knowledge and equipment we have here at CLUB F!T allows us to tailor a training package for whoever you are, and whatever you want to achieve.”

Another member benefitting from ‘bespoke training’ is David Shaw who is also from Jávea, and who is taking part in this year’s CLUB F!T New Year Challenge.

Following an ankle replacement 2 years ago, David has two main fitness goals. Firstly to lose the 10kgs of weight that he gained in the period following the operation, plus a further 10kgs as well, and secondly to strengthen all the muscles around his ankle area.

“Back in the UK I used to go to gyms, but they would be what I call ‘grunt and groan’ gyms, where the instructors had little training and most of the male members of the gym would use the free weights for 30 seconds, and then spend 5 minutes posing in front of the mirrors! The instructors here at CLUB F!T are totally different, they are so knowledgeable, and really concentrate on technique”.

David continues “They all know about my ankle, and so give me specially designed exercises. For example, when I do the CoreStix class I am instructed to do the lower body exercises in a different way from everyone else to ensure the least pressure as possible on my knees or ankle.”

“The great thing is that I know that the exercises are beginning to work, because every day I try to walk 2 to 3 miles, and whilst my ankle used to ache afterwards, now it doesn’t. So I am very happy indeed with what I have achieved so far, and I am looking forward to the rest of the Challenge.”

So whatever your motivation or your particular health situation, come and see us at CLUB F!T and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

We are very easy to find, located 5 minutes away from the LIDL store in Jávea, at Centro Comercial Monver, Calle Roma No 3. Tel: 865 664 888 and 602 211 051.