Cranial Osteopathy Treatment

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heidi tryland femalefocusonline june 1heidi tryland femalefocusonline june 2explained by Heidi Tryland

Heard of cranial osteopathy but have no idea what it is?

Originating with the diagnosis and treatment of the bones and soft tissues of the head, the name ‘Cranial osteopathy’ (Cranium is an anatomical term for the head) is actually a little misleading because the diagnosis & treatment is in fact applied to all tissues covering all areas of the body, not just the head.

As osteopaths we are using our sense of touch to feel for tension in the body.

Osteopaths are feeling for a rhythmic pulsation or a change in the tissues that are under abnormal tension and using very gentle pressure, releasing these tensions. It can be strange at first, as it can seem like the osteopath is doing nothing! However the body responds to very small focused forces as well as large ones.

It is therefore, a very gentle, minimal approach that can have powerful results.

It is often the treatment of choice for acute pain (back ache, joint sprains, car accidents), for headaches/ migraines in adults or children, for dizziness/vertigo, for stress relief, anxiety or sleeping problems, for babies (after a traumatic birth, for colic etc), for young children (glue ear, sleep problems etc), for pregnant women, the elderly and those who do not like the idea of joints being ‘clicked’ or ‘cracked’.

The patient can feel a sense of tranquility with this treatment and it is not unusual for patients to sleep. Yes, you did read that correctly, many patients fall asleep on my treatment bench because the treatment process enables a state of health and balance to be restored, which can be deeply relaxing.

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