Nothing To Lose And Your Hearing To Gain

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premier hearing femalefocusonline june18Chris Elcocks RHAD, MSHAA has been a qualified hearing aid audiologist for nearly 25 years and has helped over 2000 people, who have benefited from his professional service and guidance. Chris covers the whole of the Costa Blanca at various clinics and private appointments at home. Following is an interview of one of his patients, Mr Eddie Arliss from La Canalosa, near Elche.

Q. What was your reason for contacting Premier Hearing Services?
A. I have suffered from hearing loss for many years and found it difficult to follow a conversation, especially in background noise. My wife was constantly having to repeat things and I kept saying she was mumbling. The television was up louder than she liked it, so I decided to have it checked out.


Q. What was involved in the test?
A. Chris explained to me that he was going to carry out a thorough examination, firstly by checking the ears for wax or other possible reasons, then perform an audiometric test by presenting different tones to the ears at different levels and then measuring their response. Other tests were also performed in order to obtain a full diagnostic result. Once completed Chris explained the results and we concluded that aids were required. He then did a demonstration to show the benefits using the latest technology and I couldn’t believe the difference, everything was much clearer, much to my wife’s pleasure.

Q. What was involved in obtaining a hearing system?
A. Chris showed me the different styles and explained the different levels of technology available, even the ones that can be rechargeable, which is great as I don’t have to worry about changing batteries every week.

Q. Was there any further treatment involved?
A. He advised me that it can take between 2 and 4 weeks to fully acclimatise to the system whilst your ears and brain get used to them. He has been very attentive if ever I have needed him, which gives me peace of mind.

Q. How have the aids affected your life?
A. I can now hear my wife a lot better and can go into those more difficult situations like a café with more confidence, knowing I will be able to hear more of what I want to hear. It’s the old cliché I should have done it sooner.

Q. How long will they last?
A. The good thing is these can be adjusted as my hearing changes and Chris will perform regular checks to keep an eye on things.

If you have a concern or question about your hearing, then contact Chris on 659 644 106 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He has a website and a Facebook page also.

You have nothing to lose and your hearing to gain!