What are your vertebrae telling you?

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ben tinker femalefocusonline june18By Ben Tinker: Vida Plena

After people start chiropractic care in my office they often ask me about other problems, apart from the normal neck pain and back pain, that chiropractic can help.

It is very common when I am just touching someone's spine and asking a few questions that they say "how did you know that I have that?" or "why do you ask?" or "recently I have been really bad with that!"

Some experts say that you can almost read a person's health by analysing the spine. Hippocrates said "look well to the spine for the cause of disease". Hippocrates is very important in medicine - you may have heard of the Hippocratic oath - all medical doctors have to say his oath before starting medical practice.

So what is it that I am talking about?
Well between each vertebra lies a pair of spinal nerves. These nerves branch out and divide and sub-divide until they reach every single cell in the body. This allows the brain, the master control centre of the body, to be in constant contact and control of every function of the cells, tissues, glands and organs.

As you can see from the picture there are different areas of the spine that control different organs. This is also true of the parts of the skin (which people either feel tingling or pain) and the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles). And this is why a simple spine examination can be of value, far beyond the easing of obvious pain.

Free Spine Examination
At Vida Plena, we offer a Free initial spine examination to readers of Female Focus to see if you have any of the spinal bones misaligned which could be changing the function of your body. So if you’re suffering from any back pain, pop into our clinic in Calpe and we can give you an initial appraisal and together chart a course to recovery. It’s best to make an appointment. Find us on Calle Pintor Sorolla, 1 Calpe. Call 96 583 1234, email
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