How to select a great hairbrush

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brushes focuson june 22 1This can be a difficult choice!

How many brushes have you selected, bought on a whim in a supermarket or online? Then, got home, tried it out and it’s not been the correct size? Or the bristles were too sharp and cut through to your scalp let alone your hair? Or you curled your hair around the brush and then had a panic attack when it got stuck? Through the fear of having to cut that brush out of your hair! (And probably blaming your partner for disturbing you or rushing you out the door!) Maybe the brush just didn’t properly pick up your hair, maybe it was too big or too small.

It’s a mine field choosing that right brush to suit your hair needs and your ability to use it. Yet a brush is so important, if you’re spending a fortune on hair shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products to safeguard your hair, the last thing you want to do is damage it with the wrong brush. So, from detangling to styling, here are some tips from MimisKru.

brushes focuson june 22 2Synthetic bristles: help to detangle hair.

Boar bristles: soft and help to smooth the cuticle within your hair, leaving a shine. Great for thin fragile hair as they are less harsh. Help to create blood flow within the scalp. I recommend a paddle brush or flat brush for long hair, or a round boar bristle brush for styling.

Nylon bristles: perfect for styling and detangling especially when they are made around a ceramic aluminium tube, help to reduce frizz and create a great wave when heat of a hairdryer is applied, setting on a cooler heat maintains the shape of the wave to stay longer.

Wooden bristles: work great on brushing thick dry hair.

A wide tooth detangle brush is recommended for very curly hair, best combed whilst wet to allow to dry into its natural wave.

All these brushes are available to buy at MimisKru hair and beauty or their online shop:

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