How avocado stones reduce cholesterol

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avacado femalefocusonline july22 1Avocado is well-known for its nutritional qualities. As Spain is the leading European avocado producer in Europe, it’s satisfying to buy local, seasonal avocados.

But did you know that infusions made with the avocado stone can help you lose weight and fight cholesterol? The avocado stone contains 70% of the amino acids of the entire fruit and you can use all this goodness in infusions.

The stone has many positive qualities including:

● It helps to lose weight and speeds up the metabolism of lipids, which means it improves fat burning.
● Reducing cholesterol due to its high content of amino acids, fighting the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
● It combats cellular aging due to its high content of antioxidants, and vitamins E and C.
● It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to treat muscle pain.
● It improves digestion and reduces constipation due to its astringent properties and its high content of soluble fibre.
● Helps improve circulation due to its fatty acids.
● Strengthens the immune system and prevents various diseases, due to its antioxidants.

However, the avocado stone is not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking anticoagulants. As with most things, the infusions should be taken in moderation.

How to prepare avocado tea

1. Wash the avocado stone.
2. Cut it into four pieces and remove the outer skin.
3. Put a litre of water to boil and add the avocado pit and a little cinnamon.
4. Let the avocado seed cook for 15 minutes over low heat.
5. Remove the infusion from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
6. Add honey if it isn’t sweet enough for your tastes.

Article by Sarah Farrell -