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mimi kru steam pod femalefocusonline july22 1Mimiskru now have the amazing steam pod service. A straightening iron that works with steam, rather than direct heat, to straighten or curl your hair. The biggest benefit of the steam pod is getting rid of frizz.

It actually adds moisture directly into the hair shaft leaving your hair at saturation point which makes your hair immune to humidity, which means it is longer lasting. Take it from me, I’m the salon owner of Mimiskru and if you know me I have very curly frizzy hair.
mimi kru steam pod femalefocusonline july22 2The Steam Pod was introduced to me by a fellow colleague in the UK. I bought, I tried, I love! My hair stayed straight for a whole week, even when I woke up the next day after straightening, I just brushed my hair and voila it stayed straight.
The Steam Pod has been out now for 5 years and I’m amazed I had never heard about it before. But, here we are better late than never. The straightening iron certainly has saved our lives for the past 20/30 years. But, as we are all aware the straightener isn’t very good for the hair, it applies heat directly to the hair which can cause damage especially with excessive use. Thank goodness for Olaplex that now resolves that problem. But, the Steam Pod is more of a smoothing tool. It has a cylinder that holds water which creates pressurised steam that adds moisture to the inner shaft of your hair, whilst running it over each section. So think of it like ironing a silk blouse or steaming a silk blouse. I know what I prefer.
Top Tip with The Steam Pod, visit Mimiskru and have yourself a Steam Pod experience, it's not for everyone. But, it could be a life changing hair experience, frizz free, for long lasting effects. In just a few minutes experience a smooth volumizing effect, targeting roots to ends. Lifting at a 90 degree angle to lift the roots, the more vertical you start the bigger the root lift, keeping your volume.
Feel the glamour, be the glamour. Mimiskru will teach you!
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