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Expert tips to look after your eyes in the heat
During the summer months it is important we take steps to look after our eyes when out in the sun as well as our skin. To help you keep your eyes healthy this summer, here are some top tips from Optometrist and Store Director Cecilia Navarro from Specsavers Ópticas in Jávea.

Wear sunglasses - UV rays can damage our vision as well as our skin. Prolonged UV exposure has been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even some types of eye cancer. Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories – it is particularly important that you wear a good pair that offer high levels of UV protection and conform to agreed safety standards. Look out for UV400 markings and aim for a pair that offer 80 percent light reduction.

Don’t forget the little ones - Children’s eyes let in more light than adults, due to their large pupils and clear lenses, which means that a significant proportion of our eyes’ lifetime exposure to UV occurs when we are young. Children should be wearing sunglasses from the age of three to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If children are not protected from an early age, the UV radiation from the sun can cause cell damage, which will put them at a higher risk of complications later down the line.
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Apply SPF to your eyelids - The skin on our eyelids is extremely thin and can burn very easily – especially if you doze off while sunbathing. Make sure you use a cream which is suitable for the delicate and sensitive area and take care when applying so as not to get any lotion in your eye.

Know how to deal with irritants in the eye – If you get lotion in your eye you need to irrigate and flush your eye out with water. Remain calm as the more you blink, the more damage you could be causing. Try to flush it out or see your optician who can swab to remove the foreign body and, depending on the type of injury, use drops or ointment to help prevent infection.

Never wear contacts in water - Do not wear your contact lenses while swimming as there is a risk of serious infection if you wear them in a pool or the sea. Prescription swimming goggles are a good alternative.

Suneez, a range of non-prescription sunglasses for children aged 3-12 have just been launched at Specsavers. Priced at 29€ with lifetime guarantee, Suneez are a great way to insure that children’s eyes are properly protected. Colours available are black, pink and blue – in small and medium sizes.

You can find Specsavers Ópticas in Jávea just off the Carretera Cabo la Nao-Pla, near Servicolor.
Tel 966 463 420. See advert below for opening times. For more information or to request an appointment at your local store, visit www.specsavers.es.