Perms are the latest trend!

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kru femalefocusonline aug22 4Perms are fashionably coming back, as was noted in 2021

The spiral perm was the big hit in the 80s with Dolly Parton, Cher and Sarah Jessica Parker. This was achieved on several kinds of perming roller, such as the spiral rod, normal conventional perming rod or the classic; Moulten Brown, as well as others. Hair would be taken into small sections and wrapped length ways either onto 2 perming rods which was called Spiral root extension perm or along a lengthy rod such as the Moulten brown. This gave the spiral wind a more even result in the shape of the curl. Often these rods were of different sizes to produce more volume, Perm solutions would then be applied to give a longer lasting effect.
Julia Roberts style in Pretty woman carried the craze for perms in the 90s although her hair is naturally curly, the help of a perm did help emphasise those luscious locks.
So, now to our modern day perms; The Olaplex Perm - what's so great about Olaplex? It protects and rebuilds the bonds in the hair structure which gives a more even look stabilising the broken bonds as well as repairing and protecting. Adding a Olaplex treatment to any permanent solution will help the perm become gentler to the hair. It allows people with hi-lights and bleach to have a perm. The added bonus is it is not like most traditional perms where there is a 48 hour wait before shampooing. kru femalefocusonline aug22 3This isn’t necessary if Olaplex has been used, you can shampoo straight away.
The French braid perm seems to be the latest trend. I’m sure if you’ve plaited your own hair wet or dry before bed, waking up gives your hair that natural tousled look once dried and un-plaited. The result of the french braid perm is on a similar level, only making it more permanent. Instead of wrapping the hair around a perm rod, the hair is french plaited or Dutch plaited into one or several plaits. Perm solution is applied and neutralised creating that zig zag effect on the hair.
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