"Twelve years on and our LUX-AL naya doors and window still look like new."

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luxal femalefocusonline feb18 2luxal femalefocusonline feb18 1When Mr & Mrs Evans purchased their house on the Cumbre del Sol 12 years ago their naya was open and unprotected. After suffering dreadfully from the cold that first winter, they decided to enclose the naya and chose LUX-AL to do the work which entailed the installation of 2 sets of doors and 1 opening window.

"Now, 12 years on, our LUX-AL naya doors and window still look like new. They have always been perfect, they have never leaked even a bit, which is fantastic considering the extreme weather that we can get up here on the Cumbre del Sol. So it was obvious to us that we should ask LUX-AL back to give us a quote for the next windows that we needed replacing around the house." says Mr Evans.

"As I say, here on the Cumbre we go from one extreme to the other," Mr Evans continues, "in the summer it can easily reach up to 40 degrees, and in the winter we can suffer from very strong winds and rain, and the old wooden window frames in our living room had expanded and contracted so many times over the years that they leaked like a sieve!"

luxal femalefocusonline feb18 4"So, last October we asked 3 window companies to give us a quote, and out of the 3 we again chose LUX-AL, firstly because of the good service we have received from them over the 12 years, secondly because they are well established and have had such a great reputation for so many years and, thirdly, because of their 10 year guarantee".

"The new aluminium windows are marvellous. They have transformed our living room. Jason came to see us to discuss what we needed, Cameron did the fitting, and we have to say that they were really good at cleaning up after themselves; okay, it's never easy having workmen in your house, but they plastic sheeted up everywhere, and hoovered and mopped up afterwards. So, honestly, they left things as clean as they possibly could. We are so pleased with the windows, they have completely changed the room".

Whether you are considering replacement windows or doors, a gate, a conservatory, mosquito screens or awnings, LUX-AL have the expertise and experience to assist. Call LUX-AL on 96 649 3447 or 96 649 3787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They can make virtually anything in UPVC or aluminium and their website www.lux-al.com shows examples of their work; the photos that are used in their adverts each month are always actual LUX-AL installations. Their hands on experience really does count, they have it in abundance at LUX-AL, and they look forward to helping you soon.
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