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charlesworth femalefocusonline april2022 3Here at Charlesworth Gardens Design Studio, I am always trying to make any garden I design look amazing and as with anything, that means staying current with materials. I wouldn’t say that I am new to the product, but micro cement has opened up an entirely new realm of creation for me. It allows me to create floors and surfaces that can seamlessly work together to produce some staggering results.

The micro cement is applied via a lengthy procedure and, as with many products and finishes, it has to be done correctly and in the right order to attain a beautiful finish that works amazingly for inside and outside, in seating areas, summer kitchens and floors within the garden space.
I think the main thing I love about it is, here in Spain there is a vast array of surface finishes to use and therefore unless a house is recently completed then the chances are a lot of existing and or older properties have multiple surface finishes both inside and outside, which is a bit of a design foo-pah. It’s a well-known design fact that sometimes the simpler the palette, the more pleasant something is to look at. I always try to create this within a garden design as a concoction of materials can really not sit very well on the eyes. The simpler the palette of colours and materials used (with the exception of plant colours) the better.
Micro cement works so perfectly for me also as a designer to blend new and old. My favourite projects are those that want a lovely homely and sometimes more rustic feel, but because it is a modern material it also balances perfectly if clients want to use it or incorporate it into a modern designed building. It balances between Modern and Rustic styles probably better than any other surface finish I have ever seen and used before.
charlesworth femalefocusonline april2022 1Charlesworth Gardens Design Studio has completed numerous micro cement work via our sister company, Artificial Grass Spain who operates to supply high quality finish surfaces for the garden spaces. And we love it. It’s such a good-looking product, allowing us to attain amazing looking spaces, both inside and out.
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