Product is key but prep is important

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charlesworth focuson may2022 4When we design, build, and create an artificial grass area, we quote into the area everything that is required, sometimes it means removing plants, taking levels down, building levels up, whatever we have to do to make that area the best it can be for that client. All this work falls under the bracket of prep. I really want to bring this to our potential client’s attention. It doesn’t matter if someone claims to have the best grass, or the cheapest price because it will still look bad if it isn’t laid correctly and more importantly if the base and prepared ground it goes onto isn’t correct.

This is why clients have to be very careful to read the quote they receive for an artificial grass area, it's one thing if the grass is being laid onto concrete or an existing terrace, but if it is going in a garden or replacing and existing lawn then the prep work has to be done correctly. Failure to do so will end up with an unsatisfactory look and for sure an unhappy client.

I have a hot tip for you. If you want artificial grass to look good, it cannot go onto just membrane on top of soil.

charlesworth focuson may2022 2If you are having a quote done for this and a contractor is stating prep, and that’s all it says, then ask them and delve into the details a lot more. Our quotes are clear as to what will happen, and the amounts of materials used. As I’ve said before many of our happy clients have always stated when we have finished a job that we did a lot more work than they expected, that’s because a proper job has been done. If anyone thinks it’s a case of turning up and rolling some grass out, then they are sadly mistaken. I am currently speaking with a client who doesn’t want some golf putt grass because he had some installed in the UK and because they did such a bad job it has diminished his expectations, and so he doesn’t want the product again. This is something that drives me mad, poor quality product combined with poor prep and install = unhappy clients and worse, a client that doesn’t have faith in a product - for me that is the bigger shame. I have spoken with lots of people over the years and I know the only reason they don’t want artificial grass is purely because they have seen other contractors’ poor work and or bad product. We are not in this business to make a quick buck, it’s about having clients who are happy and love their artificial grass lawn for years to come, and who are more than happy to refer us and the product.

So, make sure that any quote you get comes from a company who cares about their product, the way it looks and the fact that they want happy clients before speaking to anyone else about Artificial Grass in Spain.

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