How to tell if an artificial grass product is good quality

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charlesworth focuson june 22There are a few things that you should know when buying artificial grass. All artificial grass when you first buy it on a roll will be squashed flat, this is just because of ease of moving and storing. But if the grass is allowed access to fresh air and especially sunshine it shouldn’t take long before it starts to come to life and prick up.

If you are in a shop and looking at grass a great way to tell if a grass is any good is to fold over a corner and agitate the grass, this will make the smaller filament fibres energise and do what they are supposed to do which is help hold up the main grass fibres.

When I am showing our amazing grass collection to our clients, I always explain how a grass that feels spikier is actually better. It's easy to think that it feels spikey to your hand that is not good, but when out in the sunshine of your garden and when it's underfoot it will just feel soft and comfortable. The reason I always encourage that, especially if the client has children or heavy traffic, it is better to have a more (spikey) grass, is because the spikey feel is actually the strength of the fibres, the memory of the grass. The memory is the thing that allows the grass to return to shape after being walked on or having furniture on etc.

Next time you are looking at a grass actually try and look at the shape of the main fibres. Are the fibres curved or wave, or even have a very small ridge in the middle? This is the shape within the fibre that gives it strength. Just the same as if you take 1mm thick steel that cars are made of, if it’s a long flat piece, despite being steel it will just flop and bend. But bend it down its length and it will stay standing upright all day, as it becomes a self-supporting structure, this is why your car's shape makes it stronger. This is what our grass does. It stays strong, looks great and with no maintenance it's amazing. It keeps your garden green all year and comfortable under foot in ways you can't imagine. Make the most of the depressing spaces within your garden and turn them into an area you will love, enjoy and use all the time. Speak to the team who know the best. Artificial Grass Spain.