Are you losing water in your pool?

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pts pools femalefocusonline aug22Pressure Testing by Pool Technical Services May Well Be The Solution.

In this heat, swimming pools are a wonderful way to keep cool, have some family fun, keep fit or just relax. But things do go wrong and your first indication that there might be a problem is excessive water usage. You find yourself topping up the pool regularly… whilst adding to your water bills.

If you’re in this position, there’s a leak somewhere and there are really only 2 sources; the pool itself or the pipe work. Sadly, repairing leaking pools isn’t the cheapest of things, so diagnosis is imperative. If it’s the pool, a crack may be obvious in which case you need to call Darren at PTS Pools. However, if it’s not obvious, the best course of action is to pressure test all the pipe work. Again, you need to call Darren at Pool Technical Services (PTS-Pools).

PTS Pools have recently re-invested in a whole range of specialist equipment upgrading their ability to detect leaks accurately and quickly. Pressure testing involves plugging each end of the various pipe runs, adding valves and gauges, introducing air pressure in a controlled manner and then observing any pressure drops. If no pressure drop, then on to the next pipe run. If there is a pressure drop, then it’s onto repairs. Using more specialised equipment such as hydrophonic listening devices, and remote camera inspection with location sensors, PTS Pools can pinpoint any leaks in the pipe. This is important in order to localise and minimise all repair work. The last thing you want is someone guessing and digging up the whole terrace and over-charging you.

If in the end, the pipe work checks out, then PTS-Pools will locate unseen cracks and leaks again using sophisticated thermal imaging equipment and will then embark upon repairs. In fact PTS-Pools have the capability and qualifications to diagnose and repair underwater without draining the pool.

Pool Technical Services (PTS-Pools) have been creating happy customers whilst saving them money and putting their minds at rest for nearly a decade. If you have a leaking pool then call Darren on 679 637 623 and arrange an initial survey.