Accessible doesn’t need to be ugly…It can be stunning

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showerman femalefocusonline aug22 bathroom after 1A different reason for a bathroom reform.

"I contacted Showerman as I’d heard great things about them, and I was after a reform with a difference. My parents live close to me but are both dealing with different health issues as they get older. I have on several occasions needed to help them with their bathroom routines, but caring from them in their existing bathroom was uncomfortable and hazardous. The old configuration was very awkward and a slip in the shower cubicle could have been disastrous.
So in order to be able to keep Mum and Dad living in their own home for as long as possible, we called Alexandra and explained our predicament.
Alexandra had lots of ideas and suggestions and designed us an accessible bathroom with all the safety features we needed but it was also beautiful, in fact you wouldn’t think it was a disability bathroom, it is gorgeous.
We moved the toilet to another position to create a wider access, we took out the bath and old shower cubicle and installed a wide walk-in shower with no step, there is now plenty of space for Dad’s walker. They have grab rails, a non-slip floor, accessible storage, a huge shower with space for two and a seat for assisted showering. It is a perfectly normal looking bathroom which anyone would be delighted to use.
Mum and Dad are thrilled, it has given Dad a new lease of life as he can wash by himself again and Mum is delighted that he is showering more often, and she is no longer afraid of falling over in there while she is using it.
showerman femalefocusonline aug22 bathroom before 1I, as their main carer, had to put it to use for the first time last week as Dad had a fall and I needed to clean him up, it was so much easier and much more dignified. I’m so grateful we did this for them and very grateful to Alexandra and the whole team at Showerman for the great design, the great work, the professionalism, the clean work and the respect for my parents and their property. I recommend them 1000%."
So don’t just think you need to change a bathroom for aesthetic reasons, you can also make changes for lifestyle reasons and either give yourself or someone you love the freedom to carry on taking care of themselves for that little while longer.

Photo right shows the bathroom before the reform and left shows the stunning and accessible new room.

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