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August 2018


It is full steam ahead just when you need a break. Don't try to do it all yourself, delegation is key right now. With everyone pulling together you will get through this busy stage and then you can get the rest you have worked so hard for.

Networking both at work and socially is really expanding your friendships. Make sure you don't open up too quickly though as they may not all be as genuine as they first appear.
After being so careful with money it is great that you now have enough put aside to be able to splash out and have some fun in the sun. It just goes to show how much it is worth putting a little bit aside each month.
Some TLC is on the cards after a busy period. Let everyone around you give you some attention for a change. Even better if you can get away and relax completely.
Make sure you leave some time to rest in the madness that is summer or you will burn out before it has really begun. Anything that can be left until it is cooler can be left! Slow down a bit and you will enjoy it much more.
With all the socialising summer brings you will need a holiday to get over it all. It will also bring some interesting people into contact with you which could be the start of something amazing.
Romance is blossoming and this summer is looking up in more ways than one. Keeping things low key at the moment is best for you as it will stop the gossip mill spoiling things for you.
Be careful who you are talking too, even though they may not mean to, they may pass on information you didn't want sharing just yet. Also eavesdropping could be an issue until you are ready for everyone to know your news.
You are full of enthusiasm and your generosity has no limits when it comes to things you are passionate about. Sometimes this can get you into trouble and that is the way you are heading now if you don't watch out.
Don't let people wind you up by knowing just how to push your buttons over something unimportant. Surprise them and don't rise to it, stay patient and they will soon give up giving you the last laugh.
Things are running smoothly, very smoothly which is a pleasant change. It is even proving easy to calm any tensions which flair up. Don't over think it, just enjoy the moment while it lasts.
Stop and take time to appreciate what you have. Time flies by and it is easy to lose track of how amazing your life is right now. It's not all about the big or expensive possessions, enjoy the wonderful things and people around you.