A quartet of problems sorted, thanks to LUX-AL

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lux al femalefocusonline dec17 3How to solve a problem like a 3 sided open naya...Brigitte and John McLay's naya had always presented them with a dilemma as it was open on 3 sides, very windy, and rather small. With some clever design help from LUX-AL they now have a larger enclosed naya which they are delighted with, and which they can use all year round.

"Dennis at LUX-AL is rather like an old horse!", says John, who continues "He knows what he is doing, he has seen it all before, and he knows his way around to give really good advice and ideas." Urbanisation La Cala, high up in Jávea, is known for its sometimes strong winds. While this often brings welcome relief from the summer heat, it also can bring its own problems of strong gusts and chilliness in the winter.
"The solution Dennis came up with is extremely clever", says John. "He suggested that we infill each of the 2 side arches of the naya with a fixed glass panel at the top, and two sliding glass panels at the bottom protected with mosquito screen netting. This means that we can open up both sides of the naya if we wish, to have the lovely air flowing through, and yet not get bitten by any horrible mossies. And at the front of the naya Dennis suggested we extend the naya with a small conservatory area, and this has made the space so much more practical, and feel so much bigger. We have sliding doors in that too. So the permutations of air-flow that we can use are immense, and this means that we can now use the naya in absolutely every season, which is marvellous!"
lux al femalefocusonline dec17 2"Furthermore, when we bought the house it came with a large awning which unfortunately didn't work properly. Rather than try and sell us a new awning which would undoubtedly have been expensive, Dennis said they would try and mend it for us, which they did. I like the fact that Dennis wasn't pushy. Many salespeople might have been; certainly we felt that Dennis genuinely wanted to help us, rather than sell to us."
Brigitte is keen to tell Female Focus about the fitting of the conservatory. "They were very professional", she says "they did all the work in 3 days, they were very clean workmen, Bradley and Kevin were their names and they were really nice, smiling people, which makes all the difference."
With all of this work having been such a success, John and Brigitte have also had LUX-AL fit 2 windows in their summer kitchen, and install their new remote control gates. "Everyone who comes to the house says ´We love your gates" says John. "Dennis took me to a house where
they had already made some similar gates, and we were able to agree our own design based on them. All made in
LUX-AL's own workshop, we are pleased with the result".

Whatever your problem, whether you are considering a window, door, gate, conservatory, mosquito screen or awning, or something completely different, call LUX-AL now on
96 649 3447 or 96 649 3787. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They can make virtually anything in UPVC or aluminium and their website www.lux-al.com shows examples of their work, and the pictures that are used in their advert each month are always actual LUX-AL installations.

Hands-on experience really does count, they have it in abundance at LUX-AL, and they look forward to helping you soon.