FitSteps Dance Fitness programme

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fitsteps femalefocusonline jan18 2Have you heard about FitSteps Dance Fitness programme created by Strictly dancers Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe and Olympian Swimmer Mark Foster, that not only gets you fit but trains you to dance like a Strictly dancer?

fitsteps femalefocusonline jan18 1We are lucky enough to have right here on our Costa Blanca doorstep, our very own, highly qualified FitSteps instructor, Marina Pawley, who was trained by Ian Waite and awarded two Golds (the two highest accolades for FitSteps). They represent excellence and she received one for FitSteps (the high impact dance fitness training) and one for FitSteps FAB (a lower intensity version, ideal for older people and beginners).

At the beginning of December, Marina took a group of her FitSteps ladies from Spain to the FitSteps Christmas party in Birmingham. They had masterclasses with Ian and Natalie, learned Slow Waltz with them and had a beautiful Christmas dinner where the Strictly celebrities performed three beautiful show dances.

“It was incredible to watch Ian and Natalie dance the Waltz, the Rumba and the American Smooth”, the ladies mentioned. “We could recognise the steps as we know them from our classes! We were so happy that our terrific instructor Marina became a finalist of the Best FitSteps instructor competition. We absolutely adore our classes where we can learn the steps of Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, Quick Step, Jive and other dances.”

This elegant dance programme is so effective because the posture becomes better as you are holding a frame, the whole body is working creating beautiful lines and it is possible to lose weight (up to 700 calories a class).

So now you also have a chance to dance with Marina and learn Ballroom and Latin Strictly dances. You don’t even need a partner as the classes work as a solo. Please, check our Facebook page FitSteps Costa Blanca and call 615 472 127. Keeeeep dancing and become our Strictly Super Stars!