Service is our strength and the proof is in the delivery

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mail boxes logo femalefocusonline jan18mail boxes femalefocusonline jan18Mail Boxes Etc – New Service Centre Opens in Jávea.

Carole and Colin invite you to start your shipping journey with Mailboxes. We recently opened our new service centre in Jávea (Avenida de Paris 33, El Arenal). Our core business is (obviously) mail boxes, ensuring you have a secure and easily accessible mail box which overcomes the shortcomings of the Spanish Mail Service, especially if you live in an apartment.

In addition, we specialise in packing and shipping – well anything really. Furthermore, we offer an in-house design and print service for things such as business cards, flyers, personal photos, etc.

We’ll be writing more in the next Female Focus so we’d like to just say, Happy New Year and invite you to pop in to see how we can help you, whether it be personal or business!