What is Hola VIP!

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 Hola VIP is a members’ only lifestyle club, which aims to offer our members the opportunity to dine at new and favourite restaurants at a great price, nationally across Spain.

Dining members clubs have been active in the UK and other European countries, for over 30 years and have provided amazing offers on dining at over 7000 affiliated restaurants to more than 2.5 million members.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to our Hola VIP members in Spain, by giving you access to some of the restaurants you have always wanted to try, with the added benefit of enticing offers.

holavip female focus sept 3We are always looking for great restaurants to join us!

If your favourite restaurant isn’t currently available to our members and you think they would benefit from 1000s of new potential customers, then please ask them why and let us know.

If they subsequently join our approved restaurant list, we will happily reward you with a discount of 50% off your membership card making your first 12 month membership just 24.99€.

Hola VIP lifestyle club membership will be available to join from October with a fantastic introductory price of 49.99€.

Now, are you wondering if this is for you?

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Take a look at these examples:

If you dine out 2 times a month and spend on average 60€ per bill you will save approximately 619€ per year.
If you dine out 4 times a month and spend on average 80€ per bill you will save approximately 1382€ per year.
If you dine out 6 times a month and spend 100€ per bill you will save on average a whopping 2376€ per year.

Still wondering if it’s for you? Please visit our website for more information at www.holavip.es or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..