Fed up with Headaches? Let’s do something about it

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vida plena female focus oct17by Benjamin Tinker DC, Vida Plena, Calpe

In a survey published in the widely trusted Canadian Family Physician, it was reported that “Over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures1”, and these problems often start as early as childbirth. Taking painkillers might relieve the headache but they’re not really getting to the bottom of the issue.

More and more people are finding that turning to a chiropractor can in many cases alleviate headaches permanently. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. A chiropractor specialises in the structure of the spine and its protective relationship with the nervous system. It follows, therefore, that a chiropractor is the logical person to turn to.

At Vida Plena, we offer a 100% FREE spinal assessment, just pick up the phone, call 96 583 1234 and make an appointment. Or just pop in unannounced, but bear in mind you may have to wait. Vida Plena is located in the centre of Calpe at the top of Calle Pintor Sorolla. We have a map on our website (www.quiropracticavidaplena.com) where you’ll find lots of information and advice.

I look forward to seeing you and helping you get your life back!

1 Boake, H. Cervical Headache, Canadian Family Physician 1972 p. 75-78.