“It’s an injection of fun”

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clubfit femalefocusonline nov17 1Mark Jones from Jávea worked in the oil industry and has used gyms all over the world until his retirement two years ago. Used to a ‘3 week on/3 week off’ rota, suddenly Mark found himself no longer jetting off to an oil rig on the North Sea, but now having time on his hands and wishing to find a really good gym to exercise at.

CLUB F!T had just opened, so Mark came with a couple of friends to try it out, and he has never looked back. “Immediately I was hooked, CLUB F!T is like no gym I had experienced ever.” He continues “The equipment is so totally different; I initially tried a session on the CoreStix, almost thinking that it was too easy for me, but the following day I really knew that I had exercised!”

clubfit femalefocusonline nov17 2Now, 18 months on, Mark is an ‘old hand’. “Whenever I do a session at CLUB F!T, for example a ‘Drumbeats’ session, even before I get to my car outside to drive home afterwards, an email has been sent to me giving me a readout of how many calories I have burned during the session, a graph showing my work rate and progress; all the data is captured. This even works if you move from one activity session to another, or from one piece of equipment to another, everything gets recorded through the heart rate monitors that everyone wears, and importantly the heart rate monitors are really easy to understand and help to keep you exercising in the yellow and green zones, where you are exercising the most efficiently and safely. It’s brilliant! At every other gym I have been to it has been very inaccurate about how much work you have done, here at CLUB F!T the information about your workout is instant and accurate!” As a result over the 18 months, Mark has lost 5kgs in weight, toned up significantly, and has been able to completely stop taking the high blood pressure tablets that he was taking when he started.

“The other important thing for me has been how much fun it has been coming here” says Mark. “At other gyms it was often a chore to go along, it is never like that here. I look forward to every visit, everyone here is like an extended family, and CLUB F!T has been like an injection of fun into my life. The instructors are brilliant, and so clever and willing to help. For example, I have had to have my left knee replaced twice, and even when I take part in a group session the instructors guide me in the right exercises that I should do, specifically for my needs. It is like having a one-to-one personal trainer but still having the fun experience of being part of a group!”

Female Focus would like to thank Mark for being interviewed, and if like him you would like an injection of fun, contact CLUB F!T on 865 664 888 or call in to see how they can help you. CLUB F!T, Centro Comercial Monver, Calle Roma 3, Jávea. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website: www.club-fit.eu or Facebook.com/clubfit.eu.