What is PFC Every 3?

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A couple days ago my friend Sandy asked me “What’s the number one difference maker in burning fat and permanently losing weight?” The directness of her question made my answer simple. I replied, “Balancing your blood sugar by Eating PFC Every 3.” 

You see anyone can lose weight, that’s the easy part. The difficulty is actually keeping the weight off and reprogramming your metabolism. The shift needs to be in your eating philosophy.
Calories in vs Calories out is a tired and broken concept and it’s why the average dieter buys a new diet book every 90 days, always searching for a real solution. Even though there is a plethora of available information our societies health continues to regress and obesity levels rise. Eventually we have to take a step back and ask why?
The answer is simple, we must go back to the basics and feed our bodies based on our physiology.
Imagine using food to create hormonal balance rather than to lose weight. That’s exactly what eating PFC Every 3 is all about.
Eating PFC Every 3 balances your blood sugar, protects your muscle, and triggers your body to consistently release stored fat. Eating PFC Every 3 is eating every three hours with the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
zen8 femalefocusonline nov17 1Eating protein positively affects your blood sugar hormone glucagon (raises your blood sugar), eating carbs affects your blood sugar hormone insulin (lowers your blood sugar), and eating fat slows down the rate of digestion by inhibiting the release of HCL (your stomachs acid). The combination of the three nutrients in the right portion sizes and intervals keeps your Mood sugar balanced.
Once your blood sugar is balanced your body becomes a fat burning machine. Every pound of your stored fat is 3500 calories, eating PFC Every 3 triggers the consistent release of your stored fat, which then gets burned in your muscle (your body’s engine).

The next obvious question is what does eating PFC Every 3 actually look like?


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There you have it, a real hype-free weight-loss solution that will work for you, your family and your friends. The truth is, making your health work takes your focus and commitment, but regardless of your will power if your food foundation is flawed your entire plan will collapse. This is why your first and most crucial step is to let go of the calories in vs. calories out mindset and shift your food philosophy to eating PFC Every 3.
For more information go to www.peterblaidd.es or contact me on 602 244 221.