The first results are in, and they are amazing!

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Since the opening of the Midas Touch only a few weeks ago, the first clients who have undergone the Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatments have been back for their 6 week review.

Although the Cryolipolysis treatment itself only takes 45 minutes, the fat cells take time to be expelled from the body. To see the true result of a treatment the final review is after 12 weeks but even at the halfway point the results are clear to see.

All clients who have been back for their 6 week review have lost 2 inches from their problem area.

As the photos (right) shows our male client has had his “love handles” treated and he is delighted with the initial results. He explained that even though he goes to the gym and is happy with the rest of his body he has never been able to shift the stubborn fat from his hips. “Absolutely incredible” he said “it was so quick and easy and now the fat is just disappearing as time goes by, I thoroughly recommend it.”

A female client has had her flanks treated and the improvement is obvious in the photos (left). She is delighted and is planning to have other areas treated. “Finally I am on the way to the shape I want to be, after only 1 treatment and at the halfway point I am thrilled.”

So don’t wait, contact the Midas Touch today to arrange your FREE Cryolipolysis consultation. You won’t be disappointed.
Find the Midas Touch at Avda Amanecer 21, Jávea Old Town (opposite Mercadona) or call 96 579 9954.