One Year On ....and ....the results speak for themselves

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clubfit drumbeats femalefocusonline dec17This time last year we were introducing CLUB F!T’s 2017 GetFit New Year´s Challenge.

Well, what a success it was, with all 8 challengers not only making it to the end of the Challenge, but also feeling so happy with the training they receive at CLUB F!T that they have all remained members at the CLUB F!T. This result speaks volumes that at CLUB F!T they do something special.

clubfit ian maja femalefocusonline dec17Two of the Challengers were Ian Bullough and Maja Griesser who are pictured here, both of whom readily volunteer to tell Female Focus about the past year.

Ian Bullough: “Readers may recall that back in 2016 whilst skippering a yacht near Formentera I was suddenly and severely taken ill with a broken oesophagus, which was a very serious condition. After 2 emergency helicopter flights and 9 weeks in intensive care, I was not an ‘ordinary’ Fitness Challenger for the team here at CLUB F!T to work with, because many of my muscles had wasted away and I was desperately needing to regain some muscle power and improve my overall strength and health.
Well I am just ever so grateful for what CLUB F!T has done for me. My breathing has improved, I have put some weight back on, my muscle strength has been rebuilt, and also CLUB F!T has brought fun and hope back into my weekly regime. My favourite classes are the ‘Drumbeats’, ‘Cardio Class’, ‘Boxing Classes’ and the ‘Pilates Class’. In particular Pilates has helped me to strengthen my breathing, which was so necessary after my illness.
On the social side, the staff and the other members at CLUB F!T have really helped me to get my mojo back. I have met so many nice people here. CLUB F!T is a different type of gym and it has been great making English, German and Spanish friends.”

clubfit jumping femalefocusonline dec17Maja Greisser: “My reason for taking part in last year’s New Year Challenge was that I was having balance and equilibrium problems, meaning that I couldn’t walk that much. On starting the Challenge I noticed how attentive the training staff are, always watching what you are doing and making sure that you are safe and doing the exercises properly. I enjoy all the classes, my favourite ones being ‘Pilates’, ‘Drumbeats’ and the ‘Jumping’ Class all of which always put me in a good mood. Overall my balance and health has much improved. As someone who always loved to horse-ride and play golf, I can highly recommend CLUB F!T. I say to people don’t complain about ‘this and that hurting’, do something good for yourself. CLUB F!T has been great for me, I highly recommend it to everyone.”

And now for the exciting news that following such success last year, CLUB F!T WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE THE COMMENCEMENT OF THEIR
‘2018 GetFit New Year’s Challenge’.

Open to SIX lucky Female Focus readers the 2018 GetFit Challenge will be for 6 weeks, commencing 7th January. All participants will need to be able to come to CLUB F!T 3 to 4 times a week, must be over the age of 18, and have a fitness goal in mind to reduce body fat, regain muscle, lower their blood pressure, suffer less back pain or similar.

For the six weeks the successful participants will have access to all the CLUB F!T facilities and programmes, receive training free of charge, receive 2 free GET F!T t-shirts, receive free dietary recommendations, have free pre and post assessments, and there will even be prizes at the end of the challenge.

SO IF YOU ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE then call 602 211 051, make an appointment and get yourself along to CLUB F!T to register as an applicant. 6 lucky Female Focus readers will be chosen to participate in the Challenge. Closing date for entries is 23rd December.

CLUB F!T is very easy to find, located 5 minutes away from the LIDL store in Jávea, at Centro Comercial Monver, at Calle Roma No 3.

Good luck, happy training, and Female Focus wishes you great success in your challenge.