Revitalise your skin with Dermaroller

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karen gardner femalefocusonline dec17 2Do you buy fancy expensive rejuvenating face creams which at best have very little true effect? Then welcome to DERMAROLLER - collagen induction therapy by microneedling. Now is the time of year for skin rejuvenation when the weather is cooler and sun-damage is minimal.

From age about 35 onwards (and in some people before) the quality of our skin starts to diminish due to the effects of
Ø sun
Ø lifestyle
Ø flagging hormones

Dermaroller is without doubt very effective at countering this trend. Natural and safe, it is effective at stimulating your skin’s own power of rejuvenation, thus increasing production of
Ø new cells in general
Ø stem cells
Ø tiny blood vessels
Ø collagen
in what is effectively a global skin reconstruction and renewal process.
Dermaroller is also used for ….acne scars, pigmentation, scars, aged skin, stretch marks, large pores and fatty skin.

karen gardner femalefocusonline dec17 1During the treatment the skin is rolled excessively with a microneedle roller, after applying a surface anaesthetic gel for 45mins. The fine Dermaroller needles are designed to give maximum stimulus at the optimum depth.

Deeper Skin peels are now somewhat contra-indicated as they attempt to destroy the outer most protective layer of your skin. In contrast the Dermaroller stimulates a highly constructive influence from the deeper layer of skin which later shows on the skin surface.
The first Dermaroller treatment can achieve a 40% skin improvement and subsequent treatments 20%. A maintenance session can be done yearly.

In addition it can be complement with mesotherapy for a greater effect – the mesotherapy will add essentials factors and hyaluronic acid which supplies the skin with rejuvenating nutrients.

It goes without saying that sun protection, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and safe natural hormone supplements where appropriate all have their own positive effects on the skin.

Be warned…
Cheap copies of Dermaroller can be found but they can, and may cause scaring due to poor/inadequate quality design and orientation of the needles.
Dermaroller is a medical skin treatment and should be undertaken professionally with top quality Dermarollers.
Visit and read more about this superb skin treatment.

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Article supplied by Dr KAREN GARDNER, from Clinica Dental la Plaza, JAVEA. If you have any questions regarding this article please call 96 646 1120 for an appointment or visit website