Are we in control of our lives? If not, why not?

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violet king new picAll the time we have been alive we may not have been aware of the ability we have on a personal level to direct our lives. Maybe we have stayed in situations where we have been unhappy because we didn’t realise that we could make changes.

As an adult we are all in the deep end! Can we all swim? I wonder! No? Well are we prepared to be taught?

I know from personal experience in dealing with people that not everyone is interested in even thinking about things like this, and that is pretty much the same in life generally ...anything that requires thought or making effort or changes is only appreciated by a few. Only YOU know if you fit that bill!

So, glance back over your life and ask yourself ...are you where you want to be? If not, there is no time like the present to make changes.

Have you had terrible experiences in your life? Ask yourself, are you having them today? If not, why not let the bad memories go? Just LEARN from anything negative that has happened to you, there is nothing you can do about the past now. If bad things are STILL happening today you have another few choices, and it's all up to you which one you choose.

You can: THINK differently, REASON differently, SEE THINGS differently, ACT differently, RESPOND differently make a difference.

At any given moment find something to appreciate and be prepared to be patient while you work towards getting the result you want.

Consider this, is it wise to expect certain things of other people? Make your life good and be content with that. Stop depending on the behaviour of others to make you happy and take control of your own emotions and feelings. Once you start to do that everything will fall into place. It's all a learning curve though and it may take time!

Try to relax when things go wrong and think about what can be done ….if it has already happened you can’t undo it! Don’t imagine bad things happening when they haven’t happened yet! Only 8% of the things we worry about ever happen apparently, so we can kill ourselves with stress imagining the other 92%!

Don’t think the worst….think the best!

If you think I am living in a dream world, just try to make it all a part of your life ...I did! I don’t recommend or believe in anything I haven’t experienced myself or that hasn’t worked for me. The worst things that my clients talk to me about have almost all happened to me too, and I could have gone “down the pan” if I had not embraced a completely different way of looking at things in recent years. I have also been a very close observer of the amazing changes people have been able to make in their lives by applying a different way of thinking.

Of course, it’s all up to you…….. YOUR choice!!

Take care, until next time!