Why do people really join a Health Club?

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club fit femalefocusonline jan18 1Vanity or Flexibility reasons? Weight loss or Sociability reasons? Strength or Health reasons? Why do people really join a Health Club?

At CLUB F!T we have been investigating into the reasons why we have such a wide and diverse membership. And we would like to share some findings with you....

CLUB F!T is not a ‘muscle’ gym. We don’t have rows and rows of free weights or mirrors on every wall where ‘body-pumping beautiful young things’ can admire themselves from every angle. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the sort of gym that you are after, but politely may we suggest that you go elsewhere.

club fit femalefocusonline jan18 2CLUB F!T is about keeping it real. Real people, with real reasons, who really wish to improve themselves but who also know that they really need some professional guidance. By professional guidance, it might be that they are needing to:

Recover after an illness. Our member Richard (83) would be a good example of this, Richard suffered from ME and Shingles, and gained a lot of weight as a result of being sedentary. “Now after 3 months of regular sessions my body is more flexible and my muscle tone is returning, and my weight has gone down 13 kilos - I almost feel young again”.

Increase their Flexibility. Joints and muscles have a way of quitting on us when they’re not used very often. People may find that touching their toes is not quite as easy as it once was, or they may feel like they’re going to wrench a muscle with any sudden movement. Our member Bruce (69) would be a good example of someone who although active all his life, needed to strengthen muscles in his upper body. “I have never encountered such a gym. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are fantastic. From a couch potato to a world class athlete, anyone can benefit from this fantastic club”.

Improve their Fitness and Stamina. The benefits of exercise are well documented. Our member Mark (56) says “I have lost 5kg since starting 2 months ago and my blood pressure has improved to 115/75. My fitness and my stamina have improved dramatically. There are so many classes to choose from. At CLUB F!T you will get fit, stay fit, and most importantly you will have fun and keep coming back”.

Get rid of pain and have improved health. “My goal is to stay physically independent, to strengthen my muscles and to get rid of the pain” says our member Ria (71). She continues “Due to the focused training under guidance, I have achieved this goal. Moreover it’s great fun to participate at the various classes with happy people”.

Tone up and lose weight. “I wanted to get fit and tone up and I also wanted to work on my knees which have been operated on due to damage through playing rugby. And very pleasingly, I have already lost some weight, begun to tone up, and my knees are not as weak as they used to be and I manage to do a lot more than I used to.” says our member Ashley (29).

Socialise. Working out solo can be a drag. As nice as home gyms are, without scenery or a fellow gym goer to chat to, it can all be a bit dull. It’s nice to spend time with those that have similar interests and even to get a little chat going. It can also lead to a little healthy competition. “I was a real couch potato. Since I started training at CLUB F!T my back pain has reduced. The single most important thing?.... For the first time in my life I really enjoy physical activity. Caution - CLUB F!T is highly addictive! Couch potatoes turn into Fitaholics!” says our member Gisela (61).

All of the above are real people, who have really said these words above and who can, for their own unique reason, really vouch for CLUB F!T.

This New Year 2018, come and meet us at CLUB F!T and discuss with us what you would like to achieve. We don’t bite, we are human, and we are good at listening. We have many, many members who have taken the first step, just as you are about to do, so you can be certain that you will be in safe hands.

CLUB F!T is very easy to find, located 5 minutes away from the LIDL store in Jávea, at Centro Comercial Monver, at Calle Roma No 3. Tel: 865 664 888 and 602 211 051.