New Year 2018

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dr poole femalefocusonline jan18First of all my staff and I would like to wish all our patients and readers a very happy and healthy New Year.

We should also like to reflect upon the successes we had in 2017, and thank all of our patients for their visits and the happy successful cosmetic face lifts, eye adjustments and other procedures we made during the year.

The cost of these cosmetic adjustments does not have to be as expensive as in other areas or countries when done cleverly or sensibly, so for 2018 we will continue to offer very affordable fees that make this type of minor surgery possible with the following:

- Free initial consultation and advice
- Complete pre-op and aftercare included
- Free general health check with any contracted procedure, ECG, breathing test and blood test when required
- No need for general anaesthesia, hospitalisation or overnight stay

Many of our patients have recommended their friends who live here all the time, and as a reminder about what procedures are on offer, here are the details of four of our most popular procedures:

Eye lid adjustments (Blepharoplasty) - this reduces the excess skin in both the upper and lower eye lids with or without the removal of the fatty pads that sometimes accumulate on them. This returns the appearance of the eyes to a more youthful, happy and alert look.

Face mini lift - this procedure is applied to the medium and lower part of the face and neck by lifting the area of the cheeks and facial skin upwards to produce a firmer look to the face and remove sagging jowls. With this procedure we can normally achieve some 15 to 20 years of rejuvenation of the face.

Bat wings or sagging upper arm, loose skin to the under arm. This procedure involves reducing the excess skin between the arm pit and elbow and returning the area to a more firm appearance.

Mole and wart and skin pre-cancer removal - this is a simple and quick, minor operation and usually involves just one or two stitches. In some cases, for example when involving the face, it may require some special grafting to avoid pulling or unwanted scars.

And, of course, all other minor surgery cases such as correction of torn ear lobes, ‘dumbo ears’, hair implants for both men and women, lifting of eye brows, removal of tumours, as well as family practice are available.

Dr. I. Poole and staff. Clinica El Arenal. Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. Tel: 96 579 2418, Mon to Fri 10.30am - 1.30pm, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.