To what extent does hearing loss affect balance?

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premier hearing fall downIt may be hard to understand how, but your balance is seriously impacted by your hearing. It all begins deep inside the ear, where a complex system operates to help you keep track of your environment. One chamber of your ear, and what lies within, is especially important: your inner ear.

The inner ear is home to a series of tubes, which are filled with different fluids. When too much or too little fluid exists, there can be numerous problems with hearing and these problems might well include balance disorders, as well as tinnitus, hearing loss, or difficulty picking up specific sounds.
Hearing loss is a serious and specific condition that can affect a great part of a person’s life both on a psychological and physiological level especially if it affects one’s balance as well. Studies by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the National Institute of Aging found that hearing loss significantly increases the risk of falls for older people. This has far reaching implications when it comes to preventing falls and helping our older generations to continue to live independent lives.
How is balance controlled?
A balance disorder may occur in different situations and may have various causes. The condition is often manifested by a feeling of dizziness, floating, unsteadiness, blurred vision, disorientation, confusion, faintness or vertigo and even panic or fear. These may happen regardless of the position of the body – lying or standing up.
Hearing loss by itself does not cause balance disorders, but problems with the inner ear responsible for the hearing and vestibular system may. This means that hearing loss can occur together with balance impairment symptoms to indicate an underlying condition. Common such symptoms, besides vertigo and dizziness, are nausea, diarrhea, fluctuating heart rate and blood pressure, depression or anxiety.
Balance control thus relies on the cooperation of multiple organs, and the ears play an active part in this system. Hence problems with the inner ear along with other causes may contribute to a balance disorder.
When it comes to hearing loss, the earlier you get help, the better.
Especially when you are experiencing balance problems, which can be deeply unsettling for the patient, and even debilitating to their life. A hearing specialist can help diagnose problems, and if necessary give you a referral to the correct doctor to assist you. Richard Sykes of Premier Hearing Services is our resident expert audiologist on the Costa Blanca. Richard works out of clinics in Denia, Jávea, Alfaz del Pi, El Albir, Benijofar and Bolnuevo, and offers an entirely FREE HEARING TEST. Should a problem be identified, Richard will be able to give you a rundown of the best options for your particular situation. Call Richard on
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