Pawfect Christmas for APROP

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aprop xmas femalefocusonline jan18APROP Animal Refuge in Pego certainly had a Happy Christmas due to the generosity of the general public who purchased all 2,500 raffle tickets printed and sold at 1€ each.

The winners details are: First prize: Stephen Levy (ticket number 0846). Second prize: Lisa Fox (ticket number 0066). Third Prize: Moira Levy (ticket number 0871). Fourth prize: Tahnee Wright (ticket number 0289).

Photo shows from left to right: Sue Lundgren, APROP; Santa Claus (aka Nigel Webb), and 11 year old Chloe Broad who drew the winning tickets.

Raffle organisers Nigel Webb and Peter Emmett would like to express their appreciation to those sponsors who made the raffle possible: SMC-SPAIN – TELITEC – CASA DEL VINO – RESTAURANT VALL DE CAVALL – RESTAURANT MASENA.

For further information regarding the work of APROP please contact Sue Lundgren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..