Extra Portions ? La Saona ? Javea

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saona oct 16 2by Fiona Jennison

I am going to let you into a little secret here. I have a massive crush on the manager of this place. Ladies I saw him first, ok? Having said that, I can?t not encourage anyone to go there because that would be a crime against humanity. It?s a paradise. I want to live there. (With him?.).

And the food is too good to even share one morsel from your plate with anyone else. I put my arms around my plate here, Oliver Twist style, and bark at my daughter ?MINE!!? And then I feel guilty for a nano second and then mutter ?TWO DAYS?.? She?s used to the second bit. Refers to how long it took her to come out (not the last time I fed her).

saona oct 16 3Saona is situated on the coast road very near the Parador, with beautiful sea views, and easy parking opposite, on the pebbles. In spring a second chiringuito is spawned, very close, on the front line.

Both restaurants are so beautifully designed they feel like your dream home. Even the loos would be my dream loos, pretty much. Lovely distressed furniture and many artistic touches (there is a furniture business behind the restaurant business - bit of an empire in Valencia with 4 more restaurants presumably as beautifully kitted out).

But the key to the success of Saona I think, is that it abandons an a la carte menu totally, and sticks to a menu del dia. Three choices at least of starter, main and desert. So the chef can focus on making a smallish number of perfect dishes, which can all be super fresh. It is a business model many restaurants should copy in my opinion.

For starters (pun intended) who wants to waste time reading a big menu and not get down to the business of eating and drinking more quickly?

Before I forget the desserts are outrageously good. I crave their cheesecake daily and chocolate cake too. Make sure you save room, 'cos they spoil you for portions and extras.

In November Saona becomes more of a day time place, with dinners only available Thursday to Sunday. Contact details are on the advert alongside. Booking essential at weekends.