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horoscopeJune 2018

Money matters are looking much better and you are even managing to think about being able to afford something you never thought you could. You should be proud of yourself, you really are achieving some great things right now.
Having reservations about something so big is normal although this time you may be being a little too cautious. Some good news will put everyone in a good mood towards the end of the month.
A chance encounter will give you chance to make new friends who will open your eyes to ideas you have never thought of before. This will have a massive impact on the way you move forward with your life from now on.
Things are going smoothly and even though you want to relax a little you still need to keep your eye on the ball as they can unravel at any moment. You need to make some changes so you are not always waiting for the next problem.
An impromptu trip this month really does you the world of good and gets the batteries recharged and the ideas flowing again. It makes you realise that you need more of these breaks to keep you 'fresh'.
You are allowing distractions to keep you from facing the important decisions you have to make right now. Putting things off will just make things worse in the long run - but you already know that!
Rather than being cross that someone has cancelled on you at short notice, use this time to do something you enjoy and it will really make you feel better about it. You may actually thank them for giving you this time as you get little enough time to spend on yourself.
The weekends are starting to take over the beginning of your week as you try to recover from them. Get into a routine now or the summer is going to end in disaster for your work / social balance.
Don't feel guilty about spending money on having a bit of fun, firstly you can afford it, secondly you deserve it and thirdly, you need it. Listening to your instincts towards the end of the month will keep you from making a bad decision.
The coming months are going to be busy ones for you, so some good planning now will help things run much more smoothly for everyone. Get a 'Plan B' in place now in case you need it.
You are a thinker and sometimes it can hold you back. Try not to over think things, talk things through with someone you trust and then you can move forward more quickly.
You are getting so many social invitations that you need to keep your diary on you at all times otherwise you are going to double book or worse still forget an important occasion. It's great that you have so much to look forward to as recently it has been a bit too quiet for you.