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December 2022horoscope

Plans are in place in your head to make the end of the year better than ever before. Just don’t try to achieve something which is not possible otherwise you will just be disappointed. At the same time don’t settle for less than you can and make it memorable.
Although work is taking up a lot of your time, don’t let family and friends feel you are not giving them the time they deserve. Your communication skills will be put to the test as you try to ensure there are no misunderstandings.
Things will not be all plain sailing this month and without the help of relatives and friends you could find yourself completely out of your depth. Everything will be fine and no one will know how close it came.
Celebrating is the one thing on your mind this month and you want everyone along for the ride. It doesn’t have to be to the extreme to have fun, in fact just the opposite.
Cooperating and a good plan will make the festivities more enjoyable for everyone. You don’t have to be involved in everything - pick wisely and you will really have a great holiday season.
Family time will bring everything into perspective and will make you appreciate what it is all about. Looking ahead to the next year and making a plan will give you such peace of mind.
Cooperation and harmony are the two things that have been lacking and you are intent on making things happen once and for all. Make sure everyone knows how you feel and the holidays will run more smoothly.
Respect has been slipping and you are not prepared to continue into the new year like this. By talking it out and making a plan together things should improve. Better that than ultimatums.
Once you have a plan stick to it, last minute changes will just ruin things for everyone. Focus needs to be on the family first, as you all need some special time this month. Enjoy yourselves and make some happy memories together.
Conflicts need to be dealt with straight away - remind people it is the season of good will. Remember, mountains of presents are not the way to show how much you care.
Time spent with friends and family is so important for you now but work cannot be ignored. Putting a plan into place for the coming year will give everyone time to process it over the holiday period and come back firing on all cylinders.
Relax as much as you can this month and let others pick up the slack. You need to go into the new year refreshed and full of energy so don’t over do the festivities. Everyone is excited for what 2023 has in store so make sure you keep up the momentum.