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As I write this I am packing my life away in boxes and trying to down-size. Apparently, according to the other half, I am not trying hard enough.

During lock-down I Marie Kondo'ed our house and got rid of a LOT of stuff including ornaments, furniture, crockery etc that we had been trailing along from one house to the next. I didn't really like or need any of it in my life and was fed up dusting and moving it around. This means that I now like everything I have and so down-sizing is not going well. Also, until you get into a place, you can't know if you will need, or have room for certain things so they have to go with you just in case, don't they?
Our grandson (5 years old) is not happy that other people will be living in our house and feels we should keep it for them to live in when they get fed up with their house. Granddaughter just wanted to make sure there was an oven in the new place so we could still do baking. I love how little minds work.
Until next time, take care and be kind. Lesley

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 We had an emotional family send off in January as my nephew is embarking on a new life and new career in New York. He was given the opportunity of a lifetime that took a lot of consideration but in the end he made the decision to extend his wings and fly the nest. I am sure he has made the right choice and will never look back with regret, and this has opened the door to family members looking to go the USA to visit him.

As part of our angel's 18th birthday present we gave her a gift voucher for a family outing to an escape room. As yet, this hasn't occurred because trying to pin everyone down as to when they are available is proving a bit difficult, however we are planning to do this sometime in February. As this is all about working together as a team to solve puzzles, this could go either way, arguing or cementing relationships....I will keep you informed!!
My mission to get things done this year has certainly got off to a good start and long may it continue. It has only taken over a year but my bathroom is finally finished and other small projects around the house are currently being undertaken. I do still have some unpacked boxes from moving house over 2 years ago, but this is something I have planned to do while my other half is swinging his bats on the golf course.
Until the next time..... Michelle